Product catalogue 2022-2023 UK

99 08 – ACCESSORIES + GUIDES MATERIALS Panel Brushed steel/ Colour Other metals Itemno. 8003 7950 Price: 205 420 Brushed black steel Itemno. 8512 Price: 630 High-gloss black steel Itemno. 8513 Price: 630 Any colour – Standard (gloss level 35) Itemno. - Price: Incl. in price Brushed copper Itemno. 8506 Price: 630 High-gloss copper Itemno. 8507 Price: 630 Any colour –Matt (gloss level 10) Itemno. 8510 Price: 535 Brushed steel Itemno. - Price: Incl. in price High-gloss steel Itemno. 8511 Price: 630 Any colour – High gloss (gloss level 95) Itemno. 8505 Price: 535 Brushed brass Itemno. 8508 Price: 630 High-gloss brass Itemno. 8509 Price: 630 On many of our cooker hoods, you can choose the metal (PVD coating), colour and finish to get exactly the design you want. Different suppliers often have different standards for black. If you are using other black colours in the same room, you may wish to order the hood in the same shade. Brushed PVD finishes have an anti-fingerprint coating. We can also supply beautiful wall panels in any of our metal finishes or in any colour. The panels are 0.7 mm thick and are supplied to measure. The maximum size is 120 x 240 cm. They are treated to resist fingerprints and delivered ready to fit in accordance with your plans. They should be attached with a suitable tile adhesive or contact adhesive, depending on the substrate to which they will be attached. WALL PANELS PVD COATINGS, COLOURS AND WALL PANELS