Product catalogue 2022-2023 UK

CHARCOAL FILTER FOR RECIRCULATION Itemno. Product name Price GBP 9250 Charcoal filter for Aria, Neptune, Ignis, Flora, Cilindro, Helios and Lyra 55 9251 Charcoal filter for Vega, Argo, Vero and Crystall 1160/1180 55 8519 Monoblock High Performance charcoal filter for 800 LED 150 8521 Long-life charcoal filter 150 9410 Charcoal filter for Crystall 1140 25 9203 Charcoal filter for Optima, washable 185 9340 Charcoal filter for LED 800 40 Choose ducting and adapters suitable to your needs. Our full range of ducting parts can be seen on the next page. 95 08 – ACCESSORIES + GUIDES 222 222 Hood connection: Ø160 mm Hood connection: Ø125 mm Itemnr. 9260 Installation pack 1 3 meter exible hose, Ø125 Including 2 hose clamps Itemnr. 9261 Installation pack 2 3 meter exible hose, Ø160 Including 2 hose clamps Itemnr. 8121 Exterior wall grille, Ø125 mm 222 222 Itemnr. 8122 Exterior wall grille, Ø160 mm Ø125 mm Ø160 mm Transition to Ø125 hose (included in the hood) Itemnr. 9794/9804 Magnetic damper, Ø125 mm 77 Itemnr. 9794 Magnetic damper, Ø160 mm 77 Itemno. Product name Width Finish Price 9260 Installation pack 1 125 mm - 35 9261 Installation pack 2 160 mm - 40 Using a charcoal filter will increase the general noise level from the motor, because of the added resistance of the filter, as the motor needs to suck the air through the filter to clean it. Tests show that ducting out is around 35% more efficient than the best available charcoal filters. Therefore, it will always be better to extract cooking odour and humidity outside, rather than opting for recirculating. When ducting is not an option, it's important to find a hood with an efficient charcoal filter. Without good filtration, the hood merely acts as a fan pushing dirty air around in the kitchen. A number of our charcoal filters offer more than 90% recirculation efficiency, however, the cheaper models are often very ineffective, with around 30% filtration. In order to provide the best possible conditions for charcoal filter technology, it is important to follow the grease filter’s maintenance instructions. Regular maintenance of the grease filter helps to ensure the optimal effect of your charcoal filter. Our best charcoal filters have a working lifetime of 900 hours. We recommend using an original charcoal filter intended for the extractor for the best effect. Until other regenerable filters are better documented and tested, we do not recommend them for our kitchen hoods. If you have an older RørosHetta hood and can’t find a replacement charcoal filter for it in the list below, please contact our Customer Service Centre.