Product catalogue 2022-2023 UK

01 – RØROSHETTA SENSE CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE THE WORLD’S SMARTEST COOKER HOOD UNIQUE TECHNOLOGY All cooker hoods with RørosHetta SENSE have this unique technology integrated into the unit. RørosHetta continues its journey in breaking boundaries when it comes to cooker hoods. With launching integrated smart technology and with life-saving features that brings a new level of comfort and care to the kitchen. Two of the important health and safety issues the RørosHetta SENSE Hoods aim to address is Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and Fire Safety. Poor indoor air quality has been linked to a range of illnesses, including asthma, pneumonia, lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and cardio- vascular disease. With research noting that nearly half of UK homes have hazardous indoor pollution, it makes sense that the cooker hood also regulates air quality to healthy standards. Loss assessors note that cooking appliances account for 48% of accidental fires in the UK, which causes significant material loss, emotional trauma and not to mention the possible loss of human lives. It is therefore essential that more safety features need to be brought into the kitchen to prevent such devastation.