Product catalogue 2022-2023 UK

Argo Scan code with your mobile 57 02 – WALL-MOUNTED HOODS SEE MORE ONLINE: Always supplied with steel chimney. For recirculation, the installation of the chimney is optional but a metal grid is advised as a safety precaution to cover the duct opening. * Only required for first-time purchase. TECHNICAL INFORMATION TYPES OF VENTILATION AVAILABLE OPTIONS Duct out Yes Recirculation Yes Brushed steel No - Any colour, gloss 35 No - Any colour, matt 10 No - Any colour, high gloss 95 No - Other metals, brushed No - Other metals, high gloss No - Stove Guard PCU (optional) No - Energy class A+ Extraction (m³/h) 310/420/580 (B 720) Noise level (dBA) 52/56/62 (B 65) Lighting 2 x LED Outlet dimensions 120/150 Installation pack 125/160 Height of wall-attachment 338 mm from the bottom of the hood AUX-signal No Itemno. Product name Width Finish Price GBP 5081 Argo 55 54,8 cm Black glass 740 5083 Argo 55 54,8 cm White glass 740 5082 Argo 80 79,8 cm Black glass 820 5084 Argo 80 79,8 cm White glass 820 9260 Installation pack 125 mm - 35 9261 Installation pack 160 mm - 40 9251 Charcoal filter - - 55 9352 Metal Grid for recirculation, white* - White 35 9646 Metal Grid for recirculation, black* - Black 35 Price GBP Argo has with fashionable style, powerful extraction at a low noise, along with an economical energy rating, it’s easy to understand why Argo is so popular. The dimensions are slightly narrower than most hoods, which makes it the preferred choice for between cabinets. It can be installed with or without the chimney and ducting is simplified by a reversible motor, which allows the installer to duct to the top, or directly to the back (horizontally). PRICE LIST DIMENSIONED DRAWING PRODUCT PHOTO