Product catalogue 2022-2023 UK

CELEBRATE YOUR INDIVIDUALITY Our SENSE range is handmade with care, allowing you endless possibilities to celebrate your indivi- duality with style. You can customise the material or finish, change the dimensions and have a choice of any colour you can dream of. We custom-make our hoods with state-of-the art laser technology down to the last millimeter. Would you like an extra-wide hood? Or increase the length of your hood under a high ceiling? No problem – we’ll handle it. 15 01 – CUSTOMISATION CUSTOM CHIMNEY TOMEASURE CUSTOMWIDTHS TOMEASURE CUSTOM HEIGHTS TOMEASURE Luna 60, PVD coating high-gloss steel, height 65 cm. Luna 60, PVD coating brushed brass, custom chimney height. Mantica, custom width, in black lacquer.