Product catalogue 2022-2023 UK

MAKING EVERY DAY LIFE SAFER A Stove Guard is a very effective way to prevent fire. The Stove Guard is a fire safety feature that sounds an alarm in the case of a fire risk. If the alarm is not manually cancelled, it will cut the power to the hob. Stove Guards work as a combination of two separate units: a sensor on the hood that detects risk and a PCU adapter that is fitted to any electrical hob. The sensor sends a signal to the PCU to cut the power to the hob, thus significantly reducing the risk of fire. Hoods with SENSE technology have an integrated Stove Guard sensor as standard but if you require this functionality for a different hood we also carry a range of these as stand-alone units. 01 – STOVE GUARD 13 A Stove Guard is an excellent complement to your smoke alarm. While standard Stove Guards only have a local alarm, the RørosHetta SENSE allows smart alerts to an app on your phone, as well as optional SMS and/or email alerts. The RørosHetta SENSE hoods require an additional PCU for full Stove Guard function, which would allow the hood to also cut the power to the hob. Without the PCU, it is unable to cut the power but will send out several forms of warnings in case of fire risk. GOOD TO KNOW Stove Guard features SG WIRELESS SIGNAL WIRELESS SIGNAL SENSOR DOUBLE SOCKET POWER SWITCH PCU All cooker hoods with RørosHetta SENSE technology come with an integrated Stove Guard sensor, and can be upgraded to full Stove Guard functionality by adding a PCU unit, which will allow cutting the power to the hob. Look for this symbol for hoods with an optional integrated Stove Guard