Product catalogue 2022-2023 UK

01 – RØROSHETTA SENSE 11 The app is not required to operate the hood, and completely optional, but allows additional features. The app allows smart-alerts for fire-safety and air quality (if opted-in), cloud-integration to store historic air quality data (if opted-in), setting up emergency contacts for safety alert emails and displaying air quality details. The LED colour rendering to warmer colours can only be done through the app. Wi-Fi is required for cloud-integration and email alerts are set up through the app during the initial instalment. The stylish SENSE hoods are all customisable to colour match kitchens as well as the ability to customise dimensions for the truly bespoke finish. All the SENSE hoods are environmentally friendly with A++ or A+ energy rating and come with a 5-year warranty as standard. Scan the code with your mobile to watch a video about RørosHetta SENSE. All products that include RørosHetta SENSE are marked with this symbol. All the hoods supplied with RørosHetta SENSE technology are produced at our factory in Røros. Whilst there is a wide range of designs to choose from, the motor and technology are all standard. To see which hoods feature this technology, look out for the symbol below. Look for this symbol to identify cooker hoods that include SENSE technology. GOOD TO KNOW Products with SENSE technology The SENSE range come with a variety of smart features and can be completed with a PCU to act as a Stove Guard. Read more about Stove Guards on page 13. GOOD TO KNOW Safe and Sound