GASNOR- Bunkering

About Gasnor Gasnor is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shell, the company has nearly two decades of experience with small scale LNG production and supply. Gasnor owns and operates three production facilities for LNG based on Norwegian natural gas. In the early years, the LNG was delivered to to Industrial end-users at about 30 locations not feasible for our pipeline system. As of 2007, the use of LNG as a marine fuel started to grow rap- idly as several new car/passenger ferries powered on LNG came in traffic. The first LNG powered offshore supply vessel (Viking Energy) was also followed by several new OSV’s and other ships like tugs, cargo ships and coast guard vessels. We expect that with more stringent regulations for emissions, and ship owners looking for cost effective solutions that are well proven, the fleet of LNG powered ships will grow. Gasnor is prepared to also serve these new ships. Bunkering a cleaner fuel in the Bergen area Starting in 2020, Gasnor will also offer regular bunkering from ship to ship. From the early start with LNG powered ships in Norway in 2003, bunkering has mainly been done from truck or from stationary bunkering facilities. Gasnor is now pleased to also offer an even more flexible and efficient solution with new bunkering vessels. The small LNG carrier “Pioneer Knutsen” has been upgraded to also carry out regularly bunkering of ships, and is already in operation. Another bunkering vessel, “Bergen LNG”, will be ready for service in Q3-2020. For more information – please contact: 905 57 005 909 60 620 Tor Ivar Hetland Stein Petter Eriksen