Eiendomsmegleren nr. 3 - 2022

16 EIENDOMSMEGLEREN NR 03-2022 STUDENTER STUDENTER LEDELSEN LEDELSEN VERDT Å VITE VERDT Å VITE FAGSTOFF FAGSTOFF FRITID FRITID in the USA, especially on our coasts. Florida is really just a bank of sand between two oceans. The highest natural point in Dade county, Miami, is less than 2 meters high. With increasing ocean water levels, coastal real estate is slowly but certainly being eroded. Furthermore severe weather, such as fires, tornadoes, and high winds, all the result of global warming, is changing how people look at housing, and the need to consider how to keep both people and property safe. We are committed to sustainability in everything we do as an Association; from retrofitting our headquarters to be an example to our members and our communities; to educating our members and the public about these issues. As people who build communities, as community leaders, as citizens of the planet, we are working towards creating and selling more sustainable, environmentally friendly and safer homes. In this way we insure our industry will have a future. Diversity: Unlike Norway the USA is a profoundly diverse country, made of many races, cultures, religions, and speaking many languages. In some cities and counties in America English is only the second language. NAR realizes that to remain relevant and effective as an Association and industry we must not only welcome but seek out new agents into our industry - agents who reflect the diversity of our country. At the same time, we have begun programs to encourage and promote inclusion on all levels of home ownership as well. All of these challenges demonstrate the need for a strong organization that works for its members’ interests. This is what NAR and NEF have in common, and why they are important for the real estate industry even across national borders. It is our common job at NEF and NAR to work closely with our governments to ensure policies that help homeownership. The reality of what we do is to build communities where people invest in their well being. As real estate agents we are truly a vital part of our country’s economies and societal well being. Finally, all of us are aware of the war in Ukraine. Two Ukrainian Realtors visited with NAR in Washington last week. The war became very real as they spoke. These real estate practitioners had lost their businesses and homes - and both were separated from their families. Yet they are determined to fight for democracy over tyranny, and as they put it, «to the last drop of their blood». Their words were inspiring. And they are equally determined to rebuild. We at NAR and many of our partners are putting together a plan as to how we can most effectively and efficiently help Ukraine now, and help in rebuilding homes across the country when the war ends. As Realtors, this is what we do. May we all remember our Ukrainian colleagues, our brothers and sisters, in our hearts and prayers. Thank you for inviting me to share in this celebration of the 90th anniversary of NEF. I wish you continued success as you go forward bringing the highest levels of professional services to your real estate consumers. Please know and remember that your work is vitally important to your fellow citizens, your country and yes, even to our world.